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Near Gums Bridge, Joseph lost his lead bullock, to a drowning accident in the creek.  Answering to Diamond, Joseph Stevensonís most valuable bullock, gave its name to the area, which became known in time as Diamond Creek.

On January 6th 1842 Joseph conveyed the southern rear block (which he had improved with a store) of his Melbourne Crown grant for four hundred and twenty pounds and drawing on these funds acquired from the Crown a licence to a run of 9600 acres of land east of Kangaroo Ground.  He then stocked this run with large numbers of sheep purchased from Henry Arthur who had hit poorer times.  In the autumn of 1842 Joseph brought Ruth, 4-year-old David and 2-year-old Jane to settle on the land.  Under the tall, red and yellow box gums of Christmas Hills, amongst the stringy bark and acacias, Joseph built the house that was to be their home for the next 7 years.

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