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On March 18, 1868 they laid him out in the bush cemetery over the road from Bank Head.  The cemetery had been established in May of 1851 on the crest of one of Kangaroo Groundís most beautiful hills with sweeping views to the north and east.  As the family gathered around Davidís final resting place and poured out their hearts in prayer, his ageing parents must have thought it entirely appropriate that the line of his grave pointed to the Christmas Hills of his childhood.

Eight months later, on November 1st, 1868, his mother Ruth an Irish pioneer of the finest order, inhaled her last spring breath under the slated roof of Bank Head.  Only 50 years of age her Irish constitution had been slowly undermined by bronchitis, the rigours of a harsh environment and the events of that year. Her grieving family laid her out next to her first- born son in the black soil under the wattle.

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