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Jane                 born 1840    d. 1911             m            James Mess    1863

            They raised 9 children in Kangaroo Ground

Isabella            born  1842            d 1874             m               Donald Grant 1863

            They raised 5 children

Margaret            born 1843            d  1880            m            Fred Hargreaves  1864

            They raised 6 children

Robert             born 1845            d  1933            m              Ellen Armstrong  1871

They raised 9 children, including Johanna, who married George Love in 1905.

Ruth                 born  1847            d  1918            m            Thomas Sadler  1869

            They raised 10 children

Joseph             born 1849        d  1914            m            Emma Peers     1870

            They raised 13 children of which 4 emigrated to NZ

Ellen                born  1850            d  1940            m            William Little    1871

            They raised 2 children.


The Stevenson family estate of Bank Head stayed firmly in the grasp of Robert, who lived his entire 88 years at Kangaroo Ground.  In a remarkable coincidence, his eldest son, David, repeated the tragedy of the earlier generation and was drowned in the dam at Bank Head in 1884.  He was 2 years old.

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